The Key to More Sales

Are you ready to see how you can increase your sales?  

How you can truly have more energy and time to do productive and strategic work?

Capturing larger deals, making more money, and having better relationships with your clients await!

So…drumroll perhaps??

It’s the food you eat and what you drink.

I just finished up my 3rd rendition of the Whole 30 and just like the previous two times my sales numbers increased.


More energy, less sleep (albeit much better), and a more focused mind.

You might call me crazy but we throw out all sorts of sales trainings, secret tips, and programs in which you can increase your sales.  (I’m guilty…I have an online program HERE.)

But here’s the bottom line.

A large number of people in America eat too much sugar, enormous amounts of processed food, drink juices and cola that don’t serve them, have large amounts of alcohol, and not enough water, fruits, vegetables, and REAL FOOD.

I’ll say you skip the pitch on all the programs and trainings.  If you fill your body with CRAP you will feel like CRAP.

You will not be your best self.

Processed food makes you tired and sick and sugar is literally more addictive than cocaine and heroin.
This isn’t the 1980’s so I’m guessing you aren’t blowing rails prior to your annual presentations with clients.

The key to more sales is having more focused time on doing your best work.

The Whole 30 allows you to do it.  And you can do it the rest of your life.

I’m not trying to be the sugar police here but if you feel like you are not achieving your maximum sales results you believe you can I’ll say give this a try and see what happens.

(DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor nor a dietician.  If you are interested in doing the Whole 30 speak to a medical professional first.)

The key to more sales might actually be just what your Mom said and Popeye always did….”FINISH YOUR SPINACH!”

Bi Monthly Empowerment Videos HERE!  Thanks for reading and sharing.

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