Moneyball Media Buying

Looking at situations and proactively finding new solutions to them.

Refusing to accept the status quo.

Finding factors that people largely ignore and dismiss and gaining a leg up on the competition through embracing these "forgotten factors."

The book Moneyball by Michael Lewis centered around concepts like this.  It chronicles Billy Bean, GM of the Oakland A’s, and his unorthodox approach to building major league baseball teams due to budget restrictions and constraints.

He found metrics that no one else valued as important that turned out were very important.  He also created new sets of rules to measure and decide who was worth the money and who was not.

Billy Bean consistently fields teams at the top of the league with minuscule budgets.  It also so happens that this system has been copied by dozens of other teams in baseball, sports franchises in the NBA/NFL/MLS, in schools, and in business.

I’ve brought it to Marketing Fun With Mike now.  

Look at the picture above.  This was on a hiking trail last Saturday one mile into the hike at Scioto Grove Metro Park in Columbus.  I walked right up to the standing water in the middle of February, and just like the people I photographed after me, made my way across the cold water.

How many times do we turn back in a situation like this? 

How often do we believe there’s no alternative or solutions don’t exist?

The moneyball concept is all about choosing to see things differently.  To use metrics, thought processes, and factors that no one else is using.

That’s how I’m now helping businesses grow.  By taking this same moneyball approach to a marketing and advertising budget and refusing to accept the status quo, turn back to the old ways just because there’s some ankle deep water, and actually working to create tangible results that actually move the needle for businesses.

If you or the company you work for are not getting the results you want out of your marketing and advertising efforts I’d love to talk more at

The challenge I will leave you with is what work are you showing up to perform that needs a “moneyball” approach thrown at it?

Start taking a look at what everyone else is largely ignoring.  There might just be some value in everyone else’s trash cans.

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