World Mercury Crowdfunding Campaign

This picture is from a page of the latest book by Michael Lewis.

Good questions to ponder and consider.

What is presented as reality is not always true.

That leads me to the crowdfunding campaign me and my team launched today with RFK Jr. and the World Mercury Project.

Challenging what goes in to our bodies has always been a hot topic for me as it pertains to food and drink but this project has also had me consider more than just edibles.

Check out our campaign page HERE and cause a ruckus with us by backing and sharing the vision!

If you need support with using crowdfunding as a market validation tool I offer support in coaching, consulting, and (if you have the budget) full management of a campaign.

Challenge what is presented as the truth if there might be something below the surface.

Thanks for reading and checking out this latest campaign me and my party rocking Trident team have put together!

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