The Perfect Timing

Have you ever eaten an avocado?  

Have you ever tried to time opening an avocado at the perfect point to eat?  You are better off in an attempt to Forrest Gump run across the country without ever even finishing a 5k.

I nailed the opening of this avocado however, and it was perfect timing on my decision!

This is far from the reality in our lives.

The timing will never be perfect to start.  To pivot.  To step back.  Or to scale.

But when you know that what you are up to can make money, you are the best in the world at it or have the ability to be, and you are passionate about then throw the perfect timing in the trashcan and work towards your goals.

Marketing and sales often get a bad rap.  We trick people into purchasing things they don’t need or are harmful to them.  

That might be true.

But I’m not working with the soda companies or RJ Reynolds.  I’m working with companies and people that have a value driven proposition that makes a positive impact on society and delivers happiness to the end user.

Yoga studios, preventing identity theft, culture improvements, and a ban on mercury in vaccines.  Those are just some of the people I am teaming up with and bringing them Moneyball Media Buying and digital leads while having some hot dog fun with them.

When we work together we know the timing isn’t perfect but we move forward anyways.  Together.

Open up your inner avocado, quit waiting for the timing to be perfect, and go give marketing and sales a good name.

If you need some support in this you know I’m here!

Thanks for reading and sharing and being a part of this crew.  My online programs are HERE and my books are available HERE (new one coming Q2 of 2017!)

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