The Marketing Mastery Club

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Happy New Year my friend!  I hope that you are of the thought process that 2018 will be your best year yet…until 2019 at least.

If you missed my blog last week about my 1 for 1 Clean Water program starting in 2018 check it out HERE!

Now for another exciting announcement.
Are you a business owner who has to do all of your marketing?
Are you a creator who now has to also be a marketer?
Are you an entrepreneur who is growing but can’t afford to pay an agency for an hourly consultant to help grow your business?

I have created a hopeful solution for those that answered YES to any of the above questions.  The Marketing Mastery Club is my latest creation and will be launching later this month!
You can check out all of the details HERE.

Here’s the skinny.  My new PMR Book talks all about the concept of how important people are.  I wanted to create something that can bring people together to not only master a craft in an inexpensive way but also connect with other people in the world.  This is a peer to peer group that will allow you to become a master at marketing and have an ongoing working knowledge and improvement of the subject.

People drive businesses.  I see people out there that need support.  I’m excited to launch this and together we’ll get to buckle up and head down the road.  

If you or someone else you know might be interested in joining the club please reach out at or read more info on the page HERE.

I’ll be back with more new content and passionate marketing strategies next week but for now please share the news of the Mastery Club launch with people who you might think will benefit from it.
Let’s make 2018 such a fun year it will seem like 365 New Year Eve’s!

Thanks for being a part of the crew and reading this blog.  I’m grateful that you are here and I’m always happy to connect.  THANK YOU.

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