The Game will Twist and Turn

Your marketing will twist and turn like this trail.

Your marketing will twist and turn like this trail.

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One of my favorite pastimes is volunteering.  My core volunteering roles are being on the leadership committee for the Columbus Walk to End Alzheimer’s, being President of Mid-Day Toastmasters, and a 7th/8th grade boys basketball coach.

Right now it’s basketball season and we had a few games last week.  Last Saturday was our first league game and it had many twists and turns.
We went up 9-0, the other team went on a 27-5 run, the scorekeeper was ejected, our point guard fouled out, we went on a 15-0 run to close the game, and the other coach read an amazing prayer called “Real Winners” to finish things up.

It was a 60 minute game.  We’ll play about 30 games like that this season and I’ve been coaching for 11 years.

Your marketing will twist and turn just like a basketball game.  Things will never stay the same and you can never stay stagnant.  You are going to have high’s and you are going to have low’s.  Some times you will win and other times you will lose.

How do you deal with these twists and turns?
Well hustle and grind never hurts, and something I learned from coaching, being calm in the face of chaos is always a plus.
Outside of that you can choose to focus on becoming a commodity instead of a transaction and putting the focus of your marketing around bigger picture things…like community, people, passions, culture, energy, and purpose.

Don’t sweat it…just keep doing the work…and doing the best you can.  The twists and turns are part of the fun, just like in a good Saturday morning 7th grade basketball game!

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