Holiday Giving Guide



It’s that time of the year for them procrastinators!  People give tax write off charitable donations the most at the end of the year.

I firmly believe we all have a civic responsibility to volunteer at places that light us up and to also give back some of what we make to organizations we care about.

Here are 5 organizations that I love that if you have a few dollars you don’t want to pay taxes on come April 2018 you might consider donating to.  Or even better yet…volunteering at in the coming months.

After all as my old boss Eric from the hot dog stand always says…THE GIVING IS THE GETTING!

  1. Charity Water.  One of my favorites, you can give away your birthday or just give away a few bucks to them.  I have an exciting announcement about how MFWM will be involving Charity Water in its 2018 work in my next blog post!
  2. Yoga on High Foundation.  As most of you know I am a yogi and firmly believe in the power a consistent yoga and meditation practice has on people.  This foundation puts that power into more people’s hands, from the incarcerated to the mentally ill to the disabled.
  3. Equal Justice Initiative.  We have a prison problem in America in that many are wrongfully convicted.  These troopers try to get these people out.  Powerful work.
  4. The Alzheimer’s Association.  My wife works there and I volunteer there so kinda have to include haha!  But for real it’s the 6th leading cause of death in America, the only one in the top 10 with no cure/way to slow it down, and it’s way more of a terrible disease than the perception that “you get it when you are old, forget a few things, and pass away peacefully in your sleep.”  It’s not the truth.
  5. Buddy Up.  How about a feel good way to give back?!  These guys are all about it and it still is my wife’s favorite volunteer outing I think ever!

Hope this gets you excited about where your giving dollars are going this year and maybe some new ideas about fun places to volunteer at!

Next two blogs I’ll have TWO exciting announcements of new rollouts from Marketing Fun With Mike for 2018.

Thanks for being a part of the crew and don’t forget to get a copy of the PMR Book HERE.  I am doing a month long contest in December.  If you purchase a copy and tell me you’ll be entered for two FREE HOURS of social media and digital marketing consulting with me.

Happy Holidays to YOU!

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