The Passionate Marketing Revolution Book Preview 6

Photo Cred from my Hashtag59 Co Curator Amy K on  her Detroit blog!

Photo Cred from my Hashtag59 Co Curator Amy K on her Detroit blog!

Check out previews 1 thru 5 HERE, just scroll down to the “Publishing a Book” Thinktank series!

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Today’s preview is all about section 3 thru 6 which cover the “4 Traditional P’s”.  For those of you that remember business school or any old school marketing blog the 4 P’s of Marketing are Price, Place, Product, and Promotion.

I believe these are all true but what I attempt to do in each of these section is take these Traditional P’s and apply updated concepts and strategies in how to view them and utilize them in a modern manner to succeed both now and into the future.

These traditional P’s are a little stale and I work to put a new spin on each of them.  This attempt is done through real life examples of both my work and the work of my clients, other businesses and influencers, and from choosing to look at everything in a different lens.

It flips each of these traditional P’s upside down and shakes out what isn’t working and I give key takeaways and new innovations to each of them and combine them with what is working to look at each P in a whole new way!

My hope is that we’ll never refer to having just “4 P’s” ever again! I’m excited to share more from each of these sections on November 20th when my book is officially released.

When did you first learn that marketing has “4 Traditional P’s?”  I’d be curious to know, I found out my sophomore year of college!

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