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If you missed preview 1 thru 3 of my upcoming book The Passionate Marketing Revolution head HERE and scroll down to the "Publishing a Book" Resource Section.

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Today’s preview is all about section one which centers around the concept of people.

I was at the World Domination Summit back in 2013 when an 80 year old man named Bob strolled up to the stage.  Little did I know it would be one of the most important speeches I have ever had.  This Bob turned out to be the founder and CEO of Bob’s Red Mill.  He was the owner of it too, that is until he gave the company to his employees.

He didn’t put many slides or notes up on the screen during his presentation but he did have one and it only had four words on it.  Those four words were “Putting People Before Profit.”  It was the only picture I needed from his presentation.

It had a profound impact on my life from that day on.  Bob lets that be the guiding vision and mission of his company every single day.

It made me realize that maybe if we can operate with a mindset of implementing those four words into our work every single day then business might be done a bit differently.

It also was when I started to realize that the most important P of the marketing matrix was People.  Without People nothing can happen in business.  It actually isn’t even one of the traditional P’s of marketing either!

With section one of this book I set out to officially change that and put people in the same place that Bob puts them.  Upfront and on center stage.

Section one is all about how to do this.  Love your people.  Take care of your people, both in your professional career and personal life.

We’ll dive in more about this in section one.  For now go grab some of Bob’s tasty oats and have a healthy snack!

That’s just a small snippet of section one.  I’m excited to share more on November 20th!

Do you have another company that comes to the mind that lives by the mission of Putting People Before Profit?  Give them a shout out in the comments!

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