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If you missed preview 1 and 2 of my upcoming book The Passionate Marketing Revolution head HERE and HERE.

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Today’s preview is all about the intro which I have titled “How the Revolution Began”.

It explains the reason why I wrote this book and what I hope someone will feel as a result of this book.

I looked back at all of the businesses that I have started and been involved in and from a marketing standpoint two of the most important parts of every one of them were People and Purpose.

I went to college for marketing and to my surprise there were actually 4 P’s of Marketing.  People and Purpose were not listed.  The ones that were and still are focus on Promotion, Price, Product, and Place.

All viable and important parts of any marketing strategy for a business but I felt there was a disconnect in the old school thought process of marketing and what so many people could use now and many that already were using new age techniques.  

I settled on the fact that this “P” model of marketing strategy needed to be updated and revamped, the time was now to do it, and I believed I could help lead this revolution.

This revolution takes the textbook P’s and gives them a facelift PLUS adds in my newest P’s of People, Purpose, and Profit to create a “7 P” system for marketing a business that I am coining as the Passionate Marketing Revolution.

That’s just a small snippet of why and how the revolution began.  I’m excited to share more on November 20th!

What are your thoughts on the importance of People and Purpose within a marketing strategy for a business?

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