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My 3rd book The Passionate Marketing Revolution: The Time is Now will be available in late November.

I’m truly excited to get to share this book with you and in the weeks leading up to you I’ll be previewing each major section to give you some takeaways now that you can implement to start your revolution prior to the book hitting the shelf and Amazon!

A few notes first:

  1. If you want to be on the list for the pre-sale special just email me at and I’ll make sure you are on it!
  2. This book will be available in both paperback and Amazon Kindle…options galore!
  3. Some great friends of mine have come together to help bring this book to life.  Sales guru Anthony Iannarino has supplied a quote for the book cover, my friend Hapy has been the best editor anyone could ask for, Don the Idea Guy is involved on creating wonderful art that will appear, and my friend Abi is a great designer who helped bring the cover to life!

Today’s post is about the intro and a question I pose in it.

In my opening section of “How the Revolution Began” I ask what the Passionate Marketing Revolution is and how can YOU ensure you practice it?

The Passionate Marketing Revolution is my response in both applause to all of the businesses that are taking the extra time to “do things right.”  It is also a handbook for other businesses that want to have an impact in their work and make it a reality.  Finally it is a “suggestion” to those who aren’t doing it right to consider their actions and reverse course.

The Passionate Marketing Revolution is about employing energy and engagement into the work you do.  Whether you are actually in marketing, a business owner, or once piece of a large company puzzle.

It’s about giving a crap about your customers, what your company stands for, and the co-workers that you curate a culture with.  It’s about not being part of the “walking dead” that clocks in at 9am, drudges through the day, and is sneaking out the door at 455pm.

The Passionate Marketing Revolution is a hopeful solution to those wanting to have more energy and engagement in their work and the way in which they connect with customers.

How do you become a practitioner of the Passionate Marketing Revolution?

Well I can’t give the whole book away here but it’s about love of what you do, energy in how you do it, and being 110% engaged with your life and your work.

It’s possible, doable, fun, and not as hard as you might think.

That’s just a sneak peek at the intro!  I’ll be back next week with some tidbits about the first of seven sections that encompass the book.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, any questions, and of course I’m grateful always for shares!

Thanks for being a part of the crew and I can’t wait to share this book with you and the rest of the world.

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