It could be the socks

I am having a little bit of trouble parting with these bad ass blue socks you see in the pic above.

They have holes and tears in them and the heels are worn out.  They are primarily worn for hiking and running numerous miles at once.  

It doesn’t seem like it makes sense to keep wearing socks with no heel support on runs or hikes.


These are the same socks that I ran my first half marathon in, only marathon in, many more half marathons, other races, scaled Angels Landing in Zion NP, and about a half dozen mountains in the Rockies.

These socks have some sentiment to me if you can’t tell by now?!

Maybe I am thinking it could be the socks and they are a good luck charm.

I’m not sure if I can scale these mountains or run these races without the socks.
Actually the truth is the socks just foster great memories and incredible experiences.  I have better pairs of running and hiking socks now that will serve my feet better.

But man those old blues stir up some good times in my head.

It could be the socks, or it could be the training.

The socks get to be thrown away this week.  The races and the mountains will continue.

Is there something in your business or career that is happening and you are contributing to the socks instead of the training you are doing in the socks?

Look at what is directly creating value for your bottom line and do more of that and less of what shows up as the bottom line.  Sometimes the bottom line is disguised as worn out blue socks!

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