Friendship Gardens

It was the coldest day of my winter when up from the OWR Show to the Snake River in Idaho for some on-site product demos.

This Japanese friendship garden was located right on the river by the demos.

It’s a nice reminder to the opportunity to treat every place we walk into as though it is a friendship garden.

When you walk into a Japanese friendship garden I feel as though your guard is down and your niceness levels are through the roof.

You share the sidewalk more, hold hands with your wife and kids, and smile and say hello more openly to strangers passing by.

After all it is a friendship garden!

I have what I believe could be a secret for future business success.  This secret will lead to better networking, more leadership at your company, increased revenues, and ultimately more money in your pocket and a greater sense of worth and enjoyment in your career.

What is the secret?

Treat every place, meeting, and person as though you are in a Japanese friendship garden.

No matter the situation or what has been done your way.

Put that Japanese friendship garden into full effect.

It’s not an easy secret to execute, but one that is actually pretty doable and less stress than a restructuring of the company or a new marketing strategy every month.

What do you think?  Want to give it a try and see how it goes?

Ways to implement might be to print a picture of one and put in your pocket, up in your office, in your car, at your house, and certainly pull it out when you go to a sporting event of your kids so you are reminded to be kind to those referees!

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