Living Pre

To live free is to get to live like Pre.

Steve Prefontaine that is.  May he rest in peace.

Living Pre is about pushing to your breaking point and busting through.

I am as guilty of anyone of making excuses to not do anything and everything.

But why?  We get one life. For the most part you don’t know when it will end. Most assumed Pre would live past the age of 24.

My vision for 2017 is doing everything with URGENT INTENTION.

When we live pre we see no boundaries or roadblocks, only obstacles that we get to blow through.

This is your not so gentle reminder to follow your passions, make sure you are doing work that matters in this world, and a career that you believe in.

Because like Pre said to do anything less is to sacrifice the special gifts you have been given.  

They are in you.  Share them with the world.

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