Convention Center Breakfast

Have you ever had breakfast at a convention center for an event you were either putting on or attending?

Or lunch or any other snack or meal for that matter?

It has been in my experience to find overpriced, unhealthy, and processed options.

That is not myself going on a rant against sugar or the food industry.  This is simply what has been my experience over and over again.

I have become accustomed to this and pack my own snacks or when I forgot to do this I brace myself to having a below average meal at a high price.

Then I stumbled upon the Salt Lake City Convention Center.

The picture above is my breakfast at the Salt Lake City Convention Center.  A hot organic green tea made with a smile and a freshly made all natural Acai Berry bowl, topped with coconut shavings from Hawaii and blueberries that didn’t have pesticides sprayed all over them.

No need to even go into their lunch options with Nepali/Indian food and fresh marinated pork burritos.

Hopefully you get the picture.

This is not to slam the other convention centers across the country who have caused me to stock up on almonds, apples, and LarBars when heading there nor a total applause to the Salt Lake City Convention Center.

Only a notice to all of us that just because something has been done one way by everyone for a long period of time in business does not mean that it’s the right way or there is no other way.

The Salt Lake Convention Center has taken a different path.

Business is about listening to the data and not being afraid to pivot.  Blindly following what everyone else has done just because that’s the way it has been done will leave you with a product or experience that is similar to 99% of convention center breakfasts.

Mediocre, quickly forgotten, and not one you will rave to your community about.

We can do better.  Each day it’s about making a commitment to being better and taking action to follow through on it.

Are you ready to make that commitment?

Sign up HERE and let’s do it together.

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