Not Mutually Exclusive

When being at the Outdoor Winter Retailer Show in Salt Lake City last week Patagonia had this to say at their display.

Sometimes we jump to conclusions that many things are mutually exclusive.

This is one of them I think.

What else?

  • Yes heads and tails are mutually exclusive when you flip a coin but we have others we have dreamt up.
  • Having your own business AND spending time with your family is mutually exclusive.
  • Making a lot of money and doing something that impacts the world in a positive way.
  • Working downtown and not having a commute.
  • Doing fulfilling work and having more than a one week vacation all year.

What I picked up at the Outdoor Retailer Show is that there are a lot of rather large, and many small, brands out there that are challenging and breaking through business myths.

Work can be inspiring, well compensated, impactful, and driven on creating a sustainable future for generations beyond ours.

It’s our choice on what we choose to accept as our reality and what we refuse to buy into and instead declare to invent the future.

A future filled of businesses that people love working for, give back to the community and the world, and yet they find a way to make a profit and compensate their people in an open hearted way.

There are a lot of things we believe to be mutually exclusive that only are because we convince ourselves and stay in a fixed mindset.

Challenge your mindset, challenge the mindset of your companies, and challenge the mindset of the world’s.

Let’s see what we can then go create!

Thanks for being a part of the crew, if you are ready to set your hair on fire then join me HERE!

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