When it stops being fun

You begin to feel like the above bench.  Chained up for no reason.

When it stops being fun it’s time to look inward and make decisions and what your next steps are.

It might be to improve yourself and attitude.  

Or go on a new path.  

Maybe to slow down and actually enjoy the small moments.

But whatever the next steps are it starts when you recognize that when it stops being fun is NOT OKAY and not an acceptable spot to be in.

There’s no reason this bench is chained down in the middle of nowhere in Iceland.  A lot of people unfortunately feel like this bench.

Here’s to taking swift and decisive action in changing that if it happens to us.

How does that happen?  Well you need more time to create next steps.  

Grab a copy of my Efficiency Recipe so you can get 2 more hours per day to figure out what is fun.

Thanks for reading and being a part of the crew!

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