Ice Learnings

I just returned from a “boys trip” to Iceland with three close friends of mine.

We rented a camper van from Happy Campers (see pic above highly recommend them!) and we toured, hiked, and ate our way through Iceland for a week and a half.

Relating back to sales and marketing a few things that I learned that hopefully will hit home with you.

  1. Assume the best in people until proven wrong.  The Icelandic people were incredibly kind and assumed the best in us.  They invited us into their homes and to hike through their “backyards” which looked like the Grand Canyon and Mars depending on where we are at.  If we can do the same with potential clients our guards will be lowered and opportunities can be explored.  They don’t have any issues with people taking advantage of them either on this so they continue to do it.
  2. Put 100% into customer service.  From happy campers to the campsites we stayed at to the restaurants we ate to the museums we explored.  All of the people of Iceland put 100% ALL IN mentalities to their customer service.  It was truly extraordinary.  And you know the kicker?  You don’t tip because it’s included!  Put your best into how you treat your clients with service that is incomparable.
  3. Learn and Grow.  Iceland has become a tourism hub.  Things are changing in the country.  For example the camper van we rented now has to be parked at an official campsite instead of just anywhere on the side of the road.  There are other pivots but it’s all coming as their tourism grows.  They learn and change based on what’s working and not working.  We too must do the same each and every day in business.
  4. Explore!  People in Iceland encourage exploration of their country.  Explore the possibilities with your clients.
  5. Try something new.  We ate some food I would have never thought of making or trying.  But the more new in our life the more chances we have of striking up a new talent, project, or opportunity.  Try something new every day.

Marketing and Sales is about basic blocking and tackling.  As is a great epic road trip to Iceland.

We are all more similar than we realize I promise.  As is business and fun.

Mark Twain said “Travel is fatal to prejudice” and I couldn’t agree more.

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