Marketing what can't be marketed

It’s a really tough proposition.

A successful business is built on years of trust, relationships, and 100 factors behind the scenes that influence revenue and profits day in and day out.

Marketing and advertising is the chance to tell an incredible story and remind people of those magical moments.

If the story isn’t incredible and those people don’t recall any magical moments then often times businesses feel that the “marketing folks didn’t know what they were doing” OR “the advertising didn’t work”.

Marketing what can’t be marketed doesn’t work.

Advertising to people who had bad experiences or who have heard reasons to avoid doing business with a place doesn’t work either.

Marketing and advertising is the end of the funnel.  The end of the funnel only works if the beginning, middle, and almost to the end of the funnel are clicking on all cylinders.

Food for thought…

What do you think?

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