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This post is pretty much what it sounds like.

As my wife makes a hardcore edit of my upcoming book, hopefully to be released in 2016, I’m reminded as I step back of the many wonderful reads that are out there in this world.

I feel as though when you do something yourself you start to appreciate it more.  

The more I run I appreciate great runners.  The more I launch crowdfunding campaigns the more I appreciate campaigns that reach such incredible dollar amounts raised.  The more I write the more I aspire and am inspired by so many incredible writers.

If you are looking for something to grab your attention the next few weeks here’s a few of my recent reads, hope one tickles your fancy like it did mine!

  1. Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life by William Finnegan.  Surf’s up and so is adventure, life lessons, harsh realities, and more in this almost seemingly unbelievable true story.  
  2. Ghettoside: A true story of murder in America by Jill Levy. Not for the faint at heart or for one who doesn’t want to face the true realities of what is happening in low income LA and how we too often turn our back and ignore the truth.  This one grips you from page one and will change your perspective I hope.
  3. Lonely Planet: Iceland by Carolyn Bain and Alexis Overtrick.  I’m headed there for a week in September but reading a book like this might just have you ready to head out an adventure to Iceland or somewhere else in this world!
  4. Born for this by Chris Guillebeau. Ready to do something incredible with this one special life?  Chris reevaluates how we work and what we can do in the future of business better than anyone around and this is no exception!
  5. Mark Twain’s Letters from Hawaii by Mark Twain.  The greatest American writer (IMO!) spends a loooooooong time in Hawaii in the late 1800’s and shares incredible stories.  For any past or present visitor of the Aloha State of lover of Twain!

Here’s to a great day for you, thanks for reading.  Comment below on a new one that you are reading to share with the crew!

My two previous books are available HERE and I’m excited to share my upcoming 3rd book with you ASAP.

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