Saying NO to something

I’m a big proponent of saying YES to everything!  

Want to go on this trip?  YES.

Should we get up early and watch the sunrise? YES.

Do I take the time to grow by doing this? YES.

Should we turn the car into that hidden driveway to a countryside English farm? YES.

Saying yes to everything opens yourself up to new opportunities, career growth, personal fulfillment, and more!

But in the sales world there is something you should actually say NO to.

Say NO to deals that don’t make sense to you.

If a prospect wants you to lower your price to a point your work has no value say NO.

If your boss asks of you to include something in the proposal that won’t benefit the client say NO.

When a client demands something of you that is taking advantage of you say NO.

Saying NO in business when it comes to defending value, your price, your ethics, and your company’s standards is important.

You’ll wind up working with the right people for the right reasons and not the other way around.

Say YES to everything…except in sales…then you get to say NO to a few things.

That’s enough yes and no for the day.  Let’s get on with the action people!

Thanks for the read and for being here, it’s extremely appreciated and I’m grateful for the interest and support.  

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