Your Growth

You are dedicated to working harder than anyone else at your company.

You have laid out the path to retirement so you don’t have to work at that company after a while.

You sign up your kids for every school and extra curricular opportunity you can find.

You never miss your friends birthday parties.

You always ensure you are there for your family’s vacation that they pick.

You are doing a lot for the world.  Making a difference for those around you and caring for them and ensuring them their best opportunity for success.

But don’t forget about yourself.  More importantly…don’t forget about your growth.

Often times we view someone who wants to focus on themselves for a while and understand how they can grow as a person as being selfish.

Actually it’s a selfless behavior.  When you put as much focus on your own growth as the growthof all those around you they benefit more than you can imagine.

You also get to benefit more than was previously thought possible.

Give yourself time to grow each week.  Whether that is doing something that you love, heading somewhere that gives you pleasure, or finding a hobby or passion that supports your vision for life.

When you do that you become lass trapped, more centered, and understand how best to support the growth of those around you.

You will enjoy your family, friends, your career, and the overall day to day beauty of this world in a new and different way.  

Give your own growth a spot in your weekly calendar and let the magic begin.

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