Building Your Team

Instead of viewing it as making sales or getting new clients you might consider the work you are doing to be classified as “building your team.”

For your long term success in sales, which might want to be viewed as business ownership, getting new clients or closing a deal might be viewed as a “transaction” by a lot of people.

There’s an opportunity for you to move past and beyond that and not be known for doing transactional business.

Instead you can decide you are building your team.  Your team will consist of you working for representing a product or service that you believe in, aligning strategic partners that have similar belief systems and values as you, and finally when it comes to the sales and clients…finding long term partners that are people you trust and provide true value to.

Here are some advantages of building a team and becoming a long term seller instead of a commodity seller whose team is constantly changing and will always have free agents leaving for a bit more money or get a better price on something.

  1. You get to trust and grow with your team and build true rapport.
  2. The work becomes less work and more coaching your team to success day in and day out.
  3. There will be opportunities to grow your team and make them stronger together than they would be as individuals.
  4. For you there’s a chance to create something truly unique in this world and if you do that word will spread and others will want to join your team.
  5. Many will view you as an integral piece of their team as well and you’ll hold a different position and reputation within their company than just being another “salesperson.”

Are you building a team or just dialing for dollars?  

More importantly…which are you committed to doing moving forward?

Thanks for being part of the crew!  If you want to build this team with the sales process that has worked wonders for me then purchase a copy of my Sales Recipe HERE.

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