Soul Circus Marketing Fun

I’m over the pond, thru some tunnels, and in to the Cotswolds for the next few days with my awesome client and friend Warrior Wear at Soul Circus!

Soul Circus is a three days Yoga and Wellness Festival set in the English countryside.

We’ll be doing Soul Circus Selfies, giving Warrior Wear it’s official launch and global debut, and partnering with our local friends and another great client of mine Yoga on High for some fun giveaways back in the C Bus.

You know what’s cool about Soul Circus?

The founders came up to the area for a wedding last year and were so blown away by it they decided to host a three day festival year.

That’s what can happen when you put your mind to creating something awesome from the ground up.

It happens every day.  When is it going to be time for one of your ideas?  

It takes action, passion, and a bunch of discipline!

Get after today and be able to #DONE sooner than you can imagine.  If Soul Circus and Warrior Wear can do it so can you.

Claim you don’t have the time??  I’ll solve that when you purchase the Efficiency Recipe HERE.

Thanks for being part of the crew, shares and comments reciprocated with virtual high fives and chest bumps!

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