A SUREFIRE Sales Trick

It’s not as good or easier to do than dressing up in a suit of dollars bills and screaming “FREE MONEY” on a TV informercial.  It won't have you sitting on a beach with your feet back and shades off just chilling either.

My surefire sales trick will actually generate results.  But will require work.

Ready for it?

Give all that you have in terms of knowledge, support, and ideas away for free and do it while expecting NOTHING in return.

That’s it.  Simple as slicing up a hot slice of apple pie on a hot summer evening.

When we give with the expectation of wanting or demanding nothing in return I have found that you get more than you could ever imagine or ask for.

In the Yoga world they always talk about practicing on and off your yoga mat with “an open heart.” I believe this is the sales version of that.

Now it doesn’t mean you have to serve, serve, and serve blood sucking prospects who treat your poorly and only want your time to be owned by them.

You do get to stand up for yourself and have self respect in this surefire sales trick.

But when somebody asks you a question, give that answer all that you have.

When a client needs support on an idea, give them ideas that took everything that you had.

If there is an opportunity that you want to go for, give that opportunity everything you got.

While expecting nothing in return.

When we become that genuine and open hearted work will come our way.

It’s a surefire sales trick.  One that doesn’t involve typical sales stereotypes or pushing people out of the way to get to the top or a magical lead list.

But rather one that is honest, caring, valuable, and engaging.

Give it a whirl for a month and see what comes of it for you…I’d love to hear how it goes.  Email mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com with your results!

And of course if you want a program to supplement you with increasing your sales then purchase a copy of the Sales Recipe HERE and be on your way to thriving and not just surviving!

Thanks for being here and being a part of the crew.

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