The Power of Freedom


I’m not quite sure how fireworks and hot dogs got involved but the 4th of July truly is more than a “brute ‘Merikkan holiday.”  But hot dogs always get my support so no further discussion needed.

It’s about the power of freedom and the opportunity that has been given to people who live in this country as a birthright over the past 240 years.

That is not the case in every single country.  To be honest I do not consider myself an extremely patriotic person.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate being in the lucky birth club but typically wearing American flag shorts and chugging Budweiser doesn’t fall into what I’m all about.

However I’ve given the thought over the long holiday weekend about what freedom is and what it means to me.

Freedom is what I am fighting for every single day.  Freedom for my personal and professional life, freedom for others who don’t have it, financial freedom, health freedom, and freedom of choosing how I live my life each and every day.

Freedom is a powerfully awesome thing and we should exercise the freedoms and opportunities we have been given each and every day not just on the 4th of July but every single day year round.

For good and to improve our freedoms, the freedoms of every living person in this world, and the ability to let more people have it.  Not freedom we always agree with either, that’s the beauty of freedom.  It’s all different for each person.

Maybe I’ll don those American flag shorts next year and shoot off some rounds of sparklers.  But if I don’t I’ll definitely be whole heartedly celebrating.  Not just then but the 364 more days until the next one.

Choose to exercise your power of freedom in the work you create for clients today. 
Make it something that those who fought for your freedoms would be proud that you spent the day doing.

Here’s the deal…I’m sending out a bi monthly video that’s all about rock chalk tips on improving the business you run or the one you work.  From a sales ownership perspective.

If you want to receive them sign up HERE.

Thanks for reading, extra thanks for sharing, and here’s to a great day for you!

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