The Decisions you get to make

I was faced with a decision that would head down two completely different roads a few months ago upon being answered.

I’m sure you have been faced with a similar one just in the last week or so.

My choice was to continue the basketball camp I helped create at 97.1 The Fan on my own or with the support of new leadership or to completely let it go away.

We land at a crossroads when faced with decisions like this.

My choice and ultimate decision came down to having to answer the question “How bad did I want it?”

How bad did I want to continue the camp that was a resounding success for the community two years in a row but overall affects only a small group of people, is not a financial gain, and has a lot of work involved leading up to it.

That question “How bad do you want it?” is the decision you get to make in your life all of the time.

For me I didn’t look at it glass half empty like the way I described the camp above.  Instead I thought of it is an opportunity to get to take full ownership of the event I helped create, it supports over 100 kids and 25 volunteers with a unique day each year, and the ripple effect of that can hopefully not be measured, and finally it challenges me as an individual and professional to make something better and have a bigger impact on the world.  And perhaps one day we will figure out how to also turn it into a business.  

But we would only find out if I made the decision to continue it.

The REFUND Skills Basketball Camp is tomorrow Friday August 5th.  We have 115 kids showing up at 745 tomorrow morning that might not have anything to do tomorrow if I just said “Screw it, it’s too much work on my own I don’t feel like doing it anymore.”

You will be faced with decisions like this both personally and professionally.  Make sure you say YES or NO to them for the right reasons.  

Let’s be grateful we have the opportunity to make decisions as well instead of being told what to do.

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