Hashtag Done

That’s what I want to be remembered as and what I want to do each and every day.

A human who gets stuff #Done. 

What does that encompass?

Somebody who makes it happen with action and implementation.  

Throwing away the philosophy and strategy and mixing in the hustle and grind.

Moving the needle and see what happens.  

Treat everyone like an equal.

Create new things and make old things better.

Get out of the office and shake it up on the ground level.

Be above nothing and respect every task like it’s the most important one that needs to be #Done.

Work like my hair is on fire but also hike, do yoga, cook, clean, love, travel, and have a life outside of work like my hair is on fire.

Be humble and admit mistakes.

Screw FEAR and embrace failure, then rise above it and learn from it.

Don’t take anything personal and fill the day with gratitude, presence, and love.

Get shit #Done and don’t wait around if others are dragging their heels.

Live life not according to others but how I envision.

Do work that matters.

It might not be pretty and it definitely won’t be sugarcoated but results will hopefully happen.

What do you want to be remembered for each and every day??

If you need support in marketing your business and want to partner with someone who will get it #Done then I’d love to hear from you.  mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com.

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