William Shakespeare once said “To scale or not to scale that is the question.”

Or something like that :).

I am constantly thinking about scale for business.  When to scale up and when to possibly consider scaling down.

Here are some tips that I hope well benefit you if you are in a position to scale up your business or work and have a tough time figuring out how much is too much and when to say when.

  1. Can you honestly take on the additional work without feeling frazzled and offer your best work to it?  That’s the first question I always ask myself.
  2. Does the project, account, or opportunity excite you?  If you have the means this is the second question.
  3. If it doesn’t is it still worth it for a little while?  Let’s face not everything is going to get you jacked up.  But if the money or freedom it gives you is good enough and you can still serve the client or project at your best it’s still worth considering.
  4. Do you need it?  You can always work a little bit more.  And if you are financially uncomfortable then you do need it.  But if you are comfortable it might be worth spending that extra time reading a book or hanging out with your family for an hour or two extra each day.
  5. What’s the scale of it?  Yes!  What’s the scale of the scale?  Can it grow into something bigger?  Will it lead to other opportunities?  Or is it a dead end that can’t make you grow or get you anything better?  This is the biggest question to ask yourself.

Hope this helps.  We will all go through phases where we want to scale up or scale down depending on outside personal decisions and life cycles.  It’s an ever changing answer but something to always consider.

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