Increasing Your Sales

How does it happen?  What can you do to grow as high as this building?

It’s an old age (at least on blogs since the dawn of the Internet) question that always begs for different and evolving answers.

Shifting focus towards increasing the number of sales that you make while maintaining a quality and value statement that is ever striving to get better is not easy.

However it is possible.

Here are ten opportunities outside of walking door to door or calling everybody who your competition just inked to a new deal.  

  1. Join a Toastmaster club and speak, also make your topics about what you do.
  2. Offer to speak for free once a month at a Chamber of Commerce, BBB, or any other prevalent event.
  3. Write a blog targeting your current customers and hopeful prospects with value.
  4. Lead a networking/leads group, don’t just join one.
  5. Start a charitable event in your community.
  6. Have coffee once a week with one person in your network you haven’t spoken with lately.
  7. Read a professional development book on sales every other month.
  8. Only do activities between 10am and 4pm that involve selling, nurturing your current customers, or creating opportunities for future ones.
  9. Give out more leads and referrals than you would ever consider asking for.
  10. Ask yourself the question every day “Would I buy what I am selling?”

Mix in a little hustle and grind, calculated luck, and mentors and you’ll be well on your way to increasing your sales to whatever level you strive to reach.

Does anybody have one to add in?

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Thanks for reading and being part of the crew.

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