Innovative way to market

Let's just get this out of the way...Happy National Hot Dog Day!

Moving of the latest and greatest ways to spend your marketing budget in an innovative way is the use of crowdfunding when launching a new product.

You might have wondered what the heck I have been doing on National Hot Dog Day?  Well it actually wasn’t spent hanging out with Joey Chestnut :(.

In fact it was working on two crowdfunding campaigns for clients that we launched this week, one on Tuesday and one today!

Crowdfunding allows people to vote with their dollars and you can see prior to market launch what people think about it.

Take a look at these campaigns I’m doing for ZEEQ and LightSaver Max.  And give them a fund and get yourself a perk if they tickle your fancy.

Whatever it is you are doing with a marketing budget, make sure you are spending it in the most innovative, efficient, and forward thinking way possible.

Of course if you need support with that I’m here to help!



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