There's always a chance

This Saturday one of my incredible clients is having their 29th Anniversary Bash.  C&A Harley Davidson has been around since 1987 with the same family and same owners and I’m honored to be helping them each and every day as a client of our awesome media fusion agency Hutchison Media that I am part of.

As part of the celebration we purchased an insurance policy to give 100 people the chance to roll five dice to win a Harley Davidson motorcycle valued at $20,000.00.

You have to roll five dice a minimum of three feet and have them all land on the C&A logo.

Is it likely that someone wins the bike?  No.

Is there a chance someone will win the bike? Yes.

There’s always a chance in life.  If you believe and you hustle and maybe sometimes if you get a lucky roll of the dice.

Some would say they would never show up thirty minutes early to an event for something as unlikely as this.  But somewhere this Saturday someone will win one of these insurance policy contests.  Maybe it will be at our event.

The person who refuses to believe they can win and won’t participate will never have a chance to win.

But the dreamers and believers…yeah there’s always a chance.

Whatever it is you think is a little unlikely…give it a go anyway!  See what you are made of and what you can become.

Here’s to you hitting the lucky roll of the dice and proving those non believers wrong because there’s always a chance for those who are willing to try!

If you live in the Columbus area come out and hang with us Saturday it’s going to be a great day.  And for everyone else enjoy the rest of your week!  If you need marketing and advertising support with strategy and concepts like this reach out at and we can continue the conversation.

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