The Long Tail Approach

A friendly reminder about the long tail approach and opportunity in sales.  I work with a gentleman who has been in the business for quite some time.  He’s also the inventor of the Hot Dog Slic’r so naturally we have a strong connection given our affinity for hot dogs!

He and I are beginning work with a new client on a project today.  He told me the other day after the confirmation of the project that he first contacted this client on April 28th 2014.

That is over two years ago.  He also knew the day because he is organized and knows when first contact was made.

For over two years he delivered value, built a relationship, and offered opportunities as they were presented.  He never quit and two years later they are going to be a client and have an opportunity to be a big client.

The long tail approach isn’t always necessary (sometimes you land a client quickly) and sometimes if you have an immediate offering of value you have no need for it.  But just a reminder the long tail approach works and if you stay the course with a prospect and continue to deliver valuable opportunities that will help solve their problems you might just eventually land them.

772 days later.  Hope this is a lesson in not giving up on your prospects!

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