The Creation of Something New

It seems this day and age that everything has been created.  That there is no need and no way to find a path to creating something new.

My friend and client Jered Seibert is forging down that path.  He has created Warrior Wear, which is a male yoga apparel line.

He’s an incredible talent and a passionate individual who is creating something new that definitely solves a problem.

No longer will myself or the millions of other men (yes there are that many) will have to practice yoga in basketball shorts.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the product.

If you practice yoga as a male or as a female now a gentlemen who does or you just want to help fund the creation of something new in this world he has a Kickstarter campaign going on HERE.

Fund the product or fund the vision of the creation of something new in a world that is incredibly hard to build a new unique idea in.

What do you want to create in this world that is new? A question to ask yourself as you leave this blog today!

Jered and male yoga practitioners around the world will be grateful for your support!