Digital Advertising Doesn't Work

It’s all the rage.  It’s something I sell and utilize for my clients at Hutchison Media and Trident Design every single day.

But let’s face it…Digital Advertising Doesn’t Work. 
You’d have better luck somedays navigating through the sand dunes in the above pic after the sun goes down.

It doesn’t work that is…

-If you don’t have a strong and valuable call to action.

-If you lack compelling copy and design that tells an interesting story.

-If you aren’t on the latest platform that has not already been saturated with advertisers.

-If people search for you online and find that what you say in the ad doesn’t match what past customers are saying.

-If you only do digital and expect it to be a cure all of your other business issues.

-If you expect it to be a miracle worker…because it isn’t.

Digital advertising actually does work.  Just like all other forms of advertising.

If you do it the right way and have a strong valuable business backing it up.  It doesn’t work if you force it to do the impossible.

Muhammad Ali was up for tackling the impossible.  But a display or video ad is not.

Ensure your digital advertising works by lining everything else up first to set it up for success.

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