Time to Ball

Mark the calendars for Friday August 5th!  Formally the 97.1 The Fan Basketball Camp will continue on with a new name and a nice twist!

I’m truly grateful for everything 97.1 was able to help support in the creation of this basketball camp.  Many of my friends and former colleagues from there will be volunteering this year still and they’ll continue to help promote to the community.

The camp will now be the REFUND Skills Basketball Camp.  Teaming up with my friends Andreas James, Matt Sylvester, and James Tanks we will be bringing a camp that we hope will continue to give “100 kids in Central Ohio a day they’ll never forget.”

What’s the name stand for?  




Use your resources

Network with others


What’s the new twist?  We’ll be adding in more skills competitions, different grade levels (just entering 5th thru 8th grade), and overall taking everything the kids, volunteers, and parents involved get out of this day to a whole new level!

Building an event like this from the ground up has challenged me and helped grow in ways I have never imagined.  It challenges you in so many different capacities.  I encourage you to be a part of curating something from the ground.  Seeing where you can get it grow and taking the time and energy to turn it into something impactful, unique, and incredible in this world.

You have my support and I’m excited to hear what you come up with!

As for the basketball camp…if you are interested in volunteering that day as a coach, ref, or general volunteer, want to sign up your son or daughter, or are interested in making a donation to help pay for lunch, basketballs for the kids, or T shirts please let me know! Email me at Mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com.

It’s time to ball!

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