Marketing can be fun yet extremely difficult

Diving more into the concept I wrote about on Tuesday (When it isn’t working) is the fact that yes marketing can always be fun!

Anything has the opportunity to have a touch of fun on the spin.  Whether it is in the first step or the final execution of something.

But while marketing can be fun it can also be extremely difficult.

When we are in marketing we are in the business of analyzing peoples wants and desires and trying to figure them out from a distance and present a problem that exists in their life, make some assumptions on their real life based on data, create a passionate value proposition, and try to solve that problem.  It's not even easy when you are selling something so wonderful like fresh baked banana bread from Hawaii like the photo at the top of the page promotes.

Who would want to get into that line of work?! (Knuckleheads for sure!)

Why is this set up in this post?

Marketing isn’t easy and it never has been.  In fact it’s extremely difficult and with more choices and alternatives will only continue to get tougher.

The reason I’m putting that out there is to hopefully prepare your mindset for what you are entering into.

Often times sales people and various other departments get thrown into the mix of helping out with some “marketing” of a project or doing it for a client.  It’s not a side thing.  It’s an intricate process.

Should you want to get involved it’s very hard to just dip a two as my All In post spoke about a few weeks ago.

Be prepared to not let it just take a “little” bit of time to solve a large scale marketing issue.  It will be fun but also quite possibly extremely difficult.

However it is rewarding, worthwhile, and will teach you about innovation!  You might just have a sore forehead from your banging of it against the wall a few times in the process of figuring out a solution.

Expectation setting is key for everything in life and I hope I have set the tone for for you before you begin your next marketing endeavor, whether for a client, one meeting, or big project.

Have fun, learn, grow, but be ready for some hurdles!

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