Digital Gone Rogue

It almost feels like this is what has happened doesn’t it?

Digital advertising started as easy to understand static banners on a website.  

Then you were able to start to target those banners to specific people.

Now there are the roadblocks of viewable impressions and google ad blockers.

Email marketing, targeted FB posts, retargeting, SEO, and so much more have entered the arena and it almost feels like digital has gone rogue.

Everyone wishes it would stay the course like the other forms of media that have never changed.

TV advertising hasn’t gone from black and white to color to cable to DVR to watching on a laptop.

Radio advertising hasn’t gone from all live commercials to pre recorded endorsements to events to podcasting.

Print advertising hasn’t transformed into something that almost doesn’t resemble a newspaper anymore does it?

Actually yes all of the other forms of media have gone rogue too.

Maybe they aren’t going rogue but it’s the transformation of business and the change of course in advertising.
Digital isn’t going rogue.  It’s doing the same thing all the other forms of advertising have done over the years.  
It just seems rogue if you are unwilling to learn and transform yourself along the journey.

Maybe we are the ones who should go rogue to get our clients the results they need!

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