When it doesn't work

What do you do when a results oriented business doesn’t work?

Do you say you are sorry and move on?  Or even better ignore it and pretend like it didn’t happen? Or do you just feel like you wiped out on one of those waves above?

Actually I’ve been challenging myself more than ever to stand by results.  And then Chris Brogan told me in his newsletter to challenge everything you do.  I looked deep and I realized that at the end of the day marketing and advertising is just that.

They are not guarantees.  They are not magic pills.  They are certainly not perfect remedies.

If they were every business would have it all figured out and not have the need for consultants, sales teams, or improvement mechanisms.

But you still need results.  I think it needs to be a combination now in at least my world.

Yes results must be generated.  But with those results come clear expectation setting and the notion that it’s not all going to work but we are going to fight like hell whether it is smooth sailing or rough waters.

And we’ll acknowledge when it’s not working and value our relationships to push forward into a place that it will work.

When it doesn’t work we have two choices:

Run and Hide
Man up and dig deeper and count on hustle and relationships to pull us through.

Of course we want it to always work but when it doesn’t we want to make sure their is a whole lot of value that still came out of sucking!

Onward and forward always.  

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