It will eventually click

Sometimes you have to start what you aren’t sure you will be able to finish.  

It seems intimidating and perhaps even foolish to work on an eventual end result you might never reach.

But it’s also the an opportunity to see if it will eventually click.  And when you attempt to go down the road and put in the necessary time to give a project or really anything the attention it deserves you’ll often be floored where it will lead you.

You will figure out a new path to success for the project.  Or it will take you to a point where you have learned what the project is supposed to become.  Or even if it’s meant to not happen.  But it will eventually click.

I’m writing a new book and if the ball bounces the right way over the next few months it will be out by the end of the year.  I had the premise and basic concept in my head and sketched out when I started writing the book.  But it took until 30,000 plus words when it clicked for me as to what the climax of the book would be.  I didn’t know until that point.  But I knew it would eventually click for me.

Whether that was to scrap the book, start a new one, or find the ending the reader deserved and i could supply.

It only eventually clicked because I continued to write and push through.  If I had stopped at even say 29,500 words I would have never gotten there.

Whatever it is you are working on that might not have an ending quite yet the only foolish thing to do is quit on it.  Grind through it and you’ll find the ending you need, even if it may seem it’s not the one you were looking or hoping for.  But the one you need will serve you better; I’m sure of it.

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