Big Magic Book Review

I’m all about empowering myself and empowering you on this website and in these blogs and in Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book Big Magic it seems she had the goal to empower and inspire all of us!

This post will focus in on a few key takeaways I got from her book and the encouragement to give it a read.

The subtitle of the book is “Creative Living Beyond Fear” and it really hit home throughout the book and the author that was made famous (though she was already quite a successful writer at that point, just not Hollywood level successful) by Eat Pray Love shines in a new way and inspires us to say screw fear and do it anyway.

Here are my four top takeaways from this book:

  1. Many things we do in life will not turn out the way we envision them.  And we will fail.  After that failure we mustn't quit, whine, or moan.  We instead must continue to create.
  2. Nobody actually cares about what you are doing so you should probably do it anyways.  People typically really care about themselves and aren’t all that concerned about you.  We are always worried about what everyone will think about what we make and how they will react.  If no one is going to react we might as well do what our heart desires!
  3. Ego holds us back if we let it.  Remove the ego.  In all facets of life. 
  4. Being an artist does not mean you have to be depressed, poor, angry at the world, or have expectations the world owes you anything or to receive your art in a positive way.  The “struggling artist” theory was debunked in this book and I loved it.

Overall this book I believe will challenge your mind and perceptions you have about what you should and should not create.  

It will elevate your work, make you laugh, and see the “Eat Pray Love lady” in a different light.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  Thanks for reading and being part of the crew.

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