Unusual Business

The reply when it pertains to how your work day is going often goes to “You know just business as usual.”

And it’s met with a sigh of relief.  A weight is lifted off the shoulders of the person who asked because if it wasn’t business as usual then something might be wrong.

I will now encourage you to consider the possibility that unusual business is what you want and that business as usual might be an issue.

The business world has transformed right before our very eyes if you have kept them open and been honest with yourself.

Selling traditional media needs a very untraditional approach to it now.  It requires honest hard work, dedication, and constantly evolving creativity.

That is not business as usual but it means you are doing the work required to thrive in your career.

If you work in digital marketing and it’s unusual business you are past ad networks, impressions,  and display banners.  You know that world has come and gone.  Content marketing and having a blog are pretty tough to operate as well for your marketing strategy if that’s all you are doing, unusual business will help make that content marketing and blog grow but only if you push the envelope.

Hardware startups are back because of crowdfunding.  But crowdfunding is not some magic pill that lets a hardware business succeed just off of raised capital.  Business as usual would strike them down before that crowdfunding capital has even been delivered to their bank account.

It’s time to have the mindset that unusual business is the norm for the growers, pushers, and all wanting to hustle and grind to extraordinary work, results, and ultimately lives.

Business as usual is a scary concept.  Unusual business while intimidating is the play to consider.

Take it or leave it but definitely consider it.

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