One Speed

Sometimes it is good to have multiple speeds.  If you are on the basketball court you need to be able to comfortably go from high speeds to low speeds while maintaining control, focus, and balance.

Same with driving a car.  Highway fast or school zone slow.

But what about the work we do?  There is no need for multiple speeds here.

Rather just one speed to make it easy.  

What is that one speed?  Your absolute best speed.  At all times.  For every project no matter the size or length.

This one speed gets your clients success and you the revenue you need to thrive.

Speed is different from time.  Your biggest client deserves more time than your smallest client.  But that one hour a week with your smallest client should be at your one absolute best speed that is also given to your biggest client for ten hours per week.

Many situations in life call for a multitude of speeds.  But when your work needs to be strategic, powerful, and serving your clients there’s only one speed.  Your best.

Ask yourself before each day begins…

Can I commit to my absolute best speed for whoever I am working with or whatever I am working on?

Make that commitment and your clients will thank you!

Just a side note…this one speed might also keep your brain racking for new ideas and improvements when you want to slow down and take it easy.  Know when to shelf it so that you can get the proper rest your body needs!

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