The Media Sales Survival Kit

For Christmas my wife got me a gift card to REI along with a note that we were going to use it on purchasing the items REI suggests to have with you on any hike or outdoors trip.  It’s a 10 piece survival kit that fits in a snug ziplock bag.

When my parents gave me a gift card to REI for my birthday it was time to go redeem and last week I stocked up on my survival kit.

Ready for any conditions now should circumstances land us in a precarious situation!

It got me thinking…what’s a 10 piece survival kit for a career in media sales?  Something that you carry with you into every meeting and have ready at all times should you land in a precarious professional situation.

Without further ado…Marketing Fun With Mike presents…the Media Sales Survival Kit!

  1. Have a face to face meeting with a client every day.
  2. Make at least two asks for new pieces of business each day.
  3. Call three new prospects to set up meetings.
  4. Create a new idea for a client.
  5. Ask someone in another department to do something for a client or prospect you haven’t done in the past.
  6. Ensure you have empathy and are putting yourself in the shoes of the business owner and your manager.
  7. Work to curate a team driven culture and be an active participant.
  8. Lead when the opportunity arises.
  9. Write a hand written thank you card to someone.
  10. Push yourself to challenge what you think you know about digital sales.

I’d be willing to say sales will increase and you’ll enjoy your day if you walk around with a survival kit like this.

What did I miss?  What do you agree with or disagree with?  If you aren’t in media sales what would you consider still using from this list for your career?  

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