365 Days

Not convinced a lot can happen in a year?  

32-33 was quite a wild ride on my end.

Bigger highs, lower lows, wonderful outcomes, and terribly sad moments were all captured.  Again and again and again.

I was reminded of what a mentor is.  And isn’t.

I had to rediscover what hustle and grit really looked like.

Life’s truly great ride and unexpected turns was reminded and shown to me again and again.  Through birth, death, growth, change, and unexpected turns for both the best and the worst for many people I know.

Trips to magnificent places, programs that inspired leaps and bounds of growth, and tragedies that left me in a state of shock and silence.

Through it all that age old friend called “relationships” pulled through time and time again.

That can’t be reiterated enough.  Relationships are the rock in the best and the worst of times.

After 365 days looking back on it is pretty wild and unbelievable.  If you don’t believe a lot can happen in 365 days I challenge you to debunk that over your next 365.

May your next year be the best one yet.  I can promise you this…as long as I’m breathing on this Earth I’ll do my best to make that happen for you.

See what you are made out of.  Do great work and live an inspired and passion filled life.

Smile too much and enjoy moments that seem dull and mundane.

You might look back on them after 365 days and be grateful for them.


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Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem