Getting Better

There’s a lot of ways.  Things that work for one person might not work for another.

But you have to test, pivot, reformulate, and evolve.

Here’s a list for the business world that has worked for me:

  • A good night’s sleep. 7-9 hours without the TV on or a phone buzzing in your ear.  The real deal!
  • Healthy breakfast (and other meals for that matter.)  If you want to play at your optimum strength you need to be start the day off right.
  • Immersion into continual learning.  Blogs, podcasts, webinars, videos, and of course books.  Who are you going to see speak locally?  What convention are you pushing your manager to send your team to?  It should never stop.
  • Creativity.  Pushing the envelope and allowing yourself to be challenged, surprised, and even proven wrong with what you thought you knew about creativity.
  • Blocking out the buzz and the shock that always surrounds us and focusing in on real work and actionable results.
  • Declaring goals and holding yourself accountable to them.
  • Figuring out how to learn about work that no one else cares to learn how to do or implement. (Digital marketing, augmented reality, packaging design, new leadership normal, etc.)
  • Ask for business.  You are in sales no matter what.  You will only get better if you continue to ask for business that will help you increase your workload and opportunities.
  • Toastmasters.  Join a club and stick with it.
  • Take down time.  If you have important work to do then do it.  If you are just grazing over your email and pretending to work do something else like take a walk, play with your kid, or clean up your patio.

What works for one doesn’t work for the next.  But there’s a recipe that exists for every person out there you just need to figure out what yours is.  Hope this leads you down some curiosity holes and over some curiosity sand dunes!

Speaking of recipes…mine are available HERE and will help you take that next step in getting better.

Thanks for being part of the crew, here’s to an empowering day for you!

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