Corona de Mayo

It would be fun to be able to get into the record books right?

As part of Hutchison Media we are working with my client Heidelberg Distributing to make an attempt at the World’s Largest Beer Tasting.

The record is 1,236 people and I’m going to be a walking talking PR firm until then!

If you live in the area and want to join in on the fun and be listed in the record books with us snag a seat at the table HERE.

From a marketing perspective I’ll say this…leave no stone unturned on any project.

Work like your hair is on fire to take a line from my former boss Todd.

At the end of the day I don’t know if I’ll have another shot to help a client break a world record so I better be all in.

You’ll never know if you will have another chance at the current project you are working so go all in.

Any shares of this event are most appreciated!  Tickets are HERE and event details are HERE.

Until next time…

Difundir las buenas vibras, Exigir lo mejor de ti mismo, Carpe Diem!