Getting Efficient

We are being asked to do more than ever before.  No longer do orders just roll in and revenue stacks up.

We have to do about twenty more tasks for our job title than people did twenty years ago.

These are the facts and they aren’t going to change.

You can embrace and empower yourself or whine and moan about the workload.

But the truth is getting efficient can help you wear these additional hats and still get your work done in an orderly manner.

I wrote and created an online program called the Efficiency Recipe which hammers home 25 steps for you to gain 14 hours per week in your life back.  To do the things you love.  The recipe is available HERE and it even features a bonus video with global sales icon Anthony Iannarino about how to ruthlessly prioritize in your life.  Anthony gives out harsh truths and how to apply them immediately.  His knowledge is invaluable.

So you might be interested in getting more efficient?

Here are five ways you can do so immediately.

  1. Don’t check your email until an hour into your workday.
  2. Spend that first hour doing the most important work of your day with your head down and no outside interruptions.
  3. Get rid of notifications on your phone for your apps.  You want to browse on Facebook for ten minutes in the morning and evening?  Do it!  But don’t spend an extra 100 minutes every time one of your 2,875 friends has a new post or likes one of your photos from 2007.
  4. Focus your to do list to four vital tasks for the day and don’t be concerned if you only get those vital tasks finished.
  5. Put down your phone when you are having a conversation with someone, listen to what they are saying, and look them in the eye. 

(That’s actually not efficiency but rather solid business practice 101!)

Getting efficient in how you spread out your time and tasks is the difference between you being twenty minutes late for your kids soccer game and browsing your phone the whole time and becoming the head coach who is fully engaged when teaching and leading these kids onto the field.

Take the five tips and if you want the whole shabang get the Efficiency Recipe HERE.

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