What are you dedicated to creating today?

What can you commit to creating for yourself in the hours of this day?

What would you be willing to attempt to create for a client that needs your help?

What excites you enough that you are going to put your head down and create for someone who needs it?

Why am I asking you all these questions about creating stuff?

Because creation is special.  It goes beyond checking emails and getting your task or to do list finished up and beating rush hour.

Creation is the art of caring enough to go the extra mile.  When you create for a client you are also curating differentiation points and stronger relationships.  Not everything you create is going to be well received or used in the right way.  But it always holds a value that it was attempted.

Creating is caused by care. 
Care for yourself, the people you are serving, and the world as a whole.  We always like to talk about how much we care for our clients but when you create you stop talking and instead show them with action the level of care you have.

Basketball players love trash talking.  But when you step on to a court at a local gym or even the guys in the NBA you know who is going to be backing up that trash talk with their game.

Russell Westbrook of the OKC Thunder talks trash and backs it up when he buries a three pointer in a defender’s face as the clock ticks to zero.  JR Smith from the Cavs takes terrible shots early in the game, has done incredibly stupid things in life, but when the game is on the line he is willing to take that final shot and often makes it.  Backing up the talk.

When you create you back up your trash talk.  

Look at how your day is stacked up.  Is it full of staff meetings, putting in orders, water cooler talk, lunch with friends, and a browse through your email to wind up the day?

If so I’ll ask again…What are you dedicated to creating today?

I’m dedicated to creating a community here of individual sales people, entrepreneurs, and sales managers and staff that feel empowered to do great work.  That want to create instead of just get by.

Now it’s your turn.  Creation can be a powerful asset to have in your pocket.  But you have to start using it every single day.

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