Non Affiliate Plug for the Whole30

No money is being attempted to be made as an affiliate or endorser for the Whole 30 in this blog post!

This is raw thoughts on my experience of it as I enter my final day of it.

The Whole 30 strips sugar, alcohol, and any of the other good stuff of life completely out of your system for 30 days.

Sound hard and crappy?

Do it.  I won’t even be upset if you fail to finish this blog post because you are off to get started.

The purpose of my blogs are to empower you with tips, strategies, and concepts to give you an incredible push towards the career you want in media sales and business ownerships.

The Whole 30 will give you a MAJOR kick in the butt.  And I can’t think of a more powerful current strategy to push yourself farther than this.

Therefore my heartfelt passion for encouraging you to give it a shot.

The Whole 30 is not the point though.  

Here are my results from what I was able to do; that’s what people need to know.

  1. Stripped sugar and alcohol from my diet for 30 days and ate only 100% real food.
  2. Slept at least one hour less per night and rose for a 6am yoga class 10 times.
  3. Worked out all 30 days of it without wanting/needing a rest day.
  4. Trained for a half marathon.
  5. Wrote and completed my 3rd online program the Sales Recipe.
  6. Began and have written 10,000 words on my 3rd book, due out by the end of 2016!  It will be available in paperback and E version just like the first one was.
  7. Found balance within my own business and two full time jobs.
  8. Reignited a love of cooking and made at least 20 new recipes.
  9. Read two books.
  10. Landed two paid speaking gigs, three accounts at Hutchison Media, and four projects at Trident Design.

All in 30 days.

Did I mention it is THE BEST I have ever felt in my life?

Give it a try and you be the judge.  I believe you won’t regret it!

Thanks for being here today and being a part of the crew, comments are welcome below and shares are always given virtual shoulder bumps!

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